Tammy McGowan and Yahaira Martinez, are moms by day and Book Lovers who blog/review/beta read, by night. They joined forces to proudly present their second event, to take place in the capital region of New York. They have a passion for books and a love for authors and wanted to continue to create events that brings authors and fans together to create memories to last a lifetime!


Meet Tammy

Hey, Hey, Hey!

Obviously I love to read; “Have books will travel!” (My Kindle app has eased the pain of sitting at red lights, the checkout line, doctor offices and more.) For me, reading is an escape into a story that lets me drift away for a short period of time, something that we all need once in awhile, and in some cases every day. I like reading various genres but if it’s too farfetched or extremely mushy, it’s not for me. I am keen to dark, erotic, contemporary adult romance and rom-com reads. I want to be on the edge of my seat when reading, either from angst or laughter, you know it’s a good book when you are either shaking your Kindle or snorting (my poor phone). Several authors have entrusted in me to beta read their stories. It is amazing to have that trust and to see their imaginations from the first to final word.

I have planned several Sign-N-Dines for authors, many PTA/School functions, baby showers, birthday parties, and most recently I helped plan A Dark & Seductive Affair in Charlotte, N.C. along with Shanora Williams and Yahaira. I simply love it! Every aspect of planning any event is a true joy for me. I have been dubbed the ‘Spreadsheet Queen’ for a good reason, I keep track of everything! To see all the hard work that others and myself do to create a spectacular event is great to be a part of!

Some of my other interests are (mini dating form here); anything pertaining to the UK (Anglophile in the house!), music, traveling, art, museums, photography, tattoos, random facts, Doctor Who (10 is my Doctor) and The Golden Girls.

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Meet Yahaira

Pharmacy tech, soccer/baseball/sooftball mom by day, bibliophile by night. Lover of all books but I prefer the taboo filth out there. My blood calls for them. I also love GoT, all things Marvel, music and of course my NY teams. After doing our first event last year in Charlotte I’ve decided to continue on bringing events to cities like Albany. Authors are my Rock Stars and I’d like to share my love for what they do with others who also feel the same way.

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