Author Mad Lib: L.E. Chamberlin


L.E. Chamberlin is a Dino Erotica author who has written about everything from Crabs to Silly Trains and has won a Pulitzer Prize for her nonfiction book, “The Superstar’s Guide to Sexting.” She lives in Florida with her family and Seven Spectacular Cougars. She is a Teaching graduate of SPC and has enjoyed Smiling in London, Jumping Cold Brew Coffee, and playing Rugby with her close friend and mentor, Anne Rice. She aspires to someday be the first full-time author to Cook on the moon.



Full Name: L.E. Chamberlin
Genre: Dino Erotica
Noun: Crab
Adjective: Silly
Plural Noun: Trains
Award: Pulitzer
Occupation: Superstar
Gerund (Non-Finite Action Verb, Usually Ending In – Ing): Sexting
State: Florida
Number: Seven
Adjective: Spectacular
Animal: Cougar
College Major: Teaching
2-3 Random Letters: S P C
Gerund: Smiling
Place: London
Gerund: Jumping
Beverage: Cold Brew Coffee
Sport: Rugby
Famous Author: Anne Rice
Verb: Cook

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