Author Mad Lib: Jennifer Locklear


Jennifer Locklear is a Contemporary Romance author who has written about everything from Football to Tough M&M’s and has won a Grammy for her nonfiction book, “The Texas Ranger’s Guide to Stripping.” She lives in Oregon with her family and 13 Frosty Monkeys. She is a Management graduate of WJC and has enjoyed Revealing in Paris, Dancing Coca-Cola, and playing Basketball with her close friend and mentor, Sylvain Reynard. She aspires to someday be the first full-time author to Drive on the moon.



Full name: Jennifer Locklear
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Noun: Football
Adjective: Tough
Plural Noun: M & M’s
Award: Grammy
Occupation: Texas Range
Gerund (Non-Finite Action Verb, Usually Ending In -Ing): Stripping
State: Oregon
Number: 13
Adjective: Frosty
Animal: Monkey
College Major: Management
2-3 Random Letters: WJC
Gerund: Revealing
Place: Paris
Gerund: Dancing
Beverage: Coca-Cola
Sport: Basketball
Famous Author: Sylvain Reynard
Verb: Drive

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