Welcome Author: Jas T. Ward


“I am the product of several realities making the whole: a troubled childhood, domestic violence survivor, homeless person, single mother and a murder/suicide survivor. But in every single one of those realities, one thing remained true.” – my imagination.

Reading and writing has always been Ms. Ward’s escape. And she wants to continue to give that to her readers as well. Known for action, drama, laughter, darkness and twists you don’t see coming in the same book, Ward is known for writing books that are diverse, different and unique. A bestselling author on both Amazon and ARe Romance, Ms. Ward’s books have won awards from various blogs and Preditors and Editors in the categories of reader favorites, best dark romance and others. Ms. Ward’s books have also been reviewed in Ind’Tale Magazine and been nominated for their prestigious RONE awards for the last three years; each time a finalist.

Born and raised in Texas and spending time living in Kentucky, Ms. Ward spends her days and nights writing as therapy to deal with life and all that it brings—from the past and present. And hopefully finds joy, laughter and fun to mix in with the dark. Something her readers have come to love in her works. She is the proud parent of three very independent grown children and grandmother to three delightful grandchildren.

She has two fur babies that sit and ponder why their human is talking to herself late into the night as she writes out colorful and diverse if not twisted characters and tales.



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